HACKERS STOLE OUR HOUSE! Spy Ninjas Surprised Project Zorgo with a Battle Royale!

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Pro 2020.
After Chad Wild Clay made "DO NOT TOUCH ELECTRIC FENCE! I Tested Prank Hacks on My Best Friend To Protect Spy Ninjas Safe House", Vy Qwaint created "HACKERS FOUND Our HOUSE While Sleeping at 3AM", and Daniel Gizmo uploaded "Can You Survive the Chaos Simulator? Spy Ninjas vs Moving Uhaul Truck Challenge!", Project Zorgo Hackers found the Spy Ninjas Safehouse. Vy Qwaint told the hackers that they would not give up and never give up the safehouse. We Are Spy Ninjas!! Vy, Chad, Regina, and Daniel defended the safehouse for 24 hours against the Project Zorgo hackers using extreme pranks and traps. Vy and Regina used a giant slingshot to launch funny things, fruit, and pumpkins. Despite being challenged for 24 hours twenty fours hours, the hackers finally broke in and trashed the spy ninjas safehouse. We are the Spi Ninjas. The Spy Ninjas had to Battle royale the Project Zorgo hackers, but could not defeat the hackers. The FBI showed up but betrayed the Spy Ninjas. They Spy Ninjas had no choice, but to give up the safe house and escape. Hopefully, they won't have to spend Christmas alone. Maybe they will find Melvin or the Cloaker and take back their safehouse!! Kick Bump!! We are the Spy Ninjas!
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  • Hey Spy Ninjas! We need to protect the Safe House from Hackers trying to take it over! Please give this VIDEO a THUMBS UP!

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  • 6:12 his leg is not broken any more

  • Vy is so funny pls can u do another rap about the hackers?

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  • Who also knowtest that the taser that agent Vincent was using was the ghost hunting device

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  • When chad threw bob it almost landed

  • Please stop the vid at 14:02

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