IS SHE SUS? Spying on Alie to See if she Loves Daniel or is an Imposter Girlfriend

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Ožu 2021.
After Chad Wild Clay made "A NEW SPY NINJA? Can Alie (Daniel's Girlfriend) Beat the Spy Ninjas Tryouts?", Vy Qwaint created "IS THE STALKER A GHOST? Trapped in a Haunted House at 3AM for 24 Hours", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "ASKING ALIE TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND - Amazing Hidden Talents vs Funny Situations & Relatable Moments", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "DO SPY NINJAS GO TO HEAVEN If You Beat Roblox?", Vy, Regina, and Melvin adventure outside to follow Daniel's new girlfriend, Alie! Skull and Crossbones believe that the blue spy ninjas new fling is up to no good! Vy, the only rational one of the group, knows it's not a good idea to follow someone around without them knowing. Spy Ninjas at home still think that Alie has a lot to prove because they think she is the stalker! The team will use their spy ninja skills to learn more about this new girl, and find out if she is the right one for Daniel and a good match for the Spy Ninja Team! What will they find out? Who has she been talking to? Thank you for watching our extraordinary entertainment comedy action adventure vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Hey Spy Ninjas! Do you think we can trust Alie? Also, go to a Target store to see our gadgets!

  • Funny thing

  • What the heck does a highlighted comment mean

  • 1:12

  • It’s a roblox gift card

  • ALIE sus

  • yo vy you called regina alie

  • She is the the stalker because she has secrets and dont show her face and I think she's has the leak and doppelganger and maybe she is actually the stalker and there friends🤯😱😮🙀😲🤯😱😮🙀🤯😱😮😲🤯😮🙀😲🤯😱😮🙀🤯😱😮🙀😲😱😮🙀😲🤯😱😮😲🤯😱🙀😲OMG OMG OMG

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  • Aliens doesn’t exist

  • Seriously Melvin is funny

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  • She isq

  • Alie susssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Sis girl I dont Christ her

  • She is the stalker she works for a project zargo but she's a really nice girl oh sorry and she is meeting up with the hacker and she really loves Daniel and Daniel really great oh and I also live in Rock Hill South Carolina

  • Your job of making this video

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  • Because I like there meet ally

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  • 17:48 Alie friends don’t stalk friends Alie now Alie stalks her friends now

  • Guys even tho we know Alie is the stalker At that time the stalker could be the spy ninjas because there stalking alie

  • alie is sus

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  • Sus

  • alie is the stalker

  • Alie is not the stacker

  • Alisus yeah she’s afraid a stocker

  • No we can't trust her

  • She is really sus. Sus. Right right sus.

  • Melvin is crazy about aliens👽

  • I love you guys♥

  • That was her training guy😡

  • Ally doesn't even have a secret lover she was Doing karate with her karate Karate with her karate

  • When Melvin talks about aliens I like aliens aren't real

  • I don't trust alley😮

  • I don't trust alley

  • The spy ninjas not being honest loyalty and bravery. Because they are spying on her😡

  • She is

  • She is the stalker I now it

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  • I think Ally is not sus

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  • Ali is sus

  • i been watching your video and i love them ! morgan

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  • Aliens are real😰😰😰

  • Do you know it’s Daniel


  • Alie is the stalker

  • Im Elvin i live in Antalya can you send me the invizibilidi pen ppppppllllllsssss 🙏🙏🙏I love you Vy😻🤩🥰

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  • She got a roblox gift card do you think shes gonna meet with plz squire and get him toys and help him get better at fighting

  • Ninja turtles and the game on my iPhone so no I am not the only ones who can be able no one on my iPad or iPad to get o ok ✅ I love the app it has a little better I think 💭 and it would make you think 💭 can do the actual thing on my phone 📲 I think 💭 would have

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  • Alyeska how old is jacksepticeye

  • I think alleys a stocker

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  • I have both of those toys and I got the autograph ed ones

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  • Daniel love rijina

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  • Alie is suss

  • I don't trust alie

  • Regina you're being suspicious you're in love with Daniel and you're jealous and sad

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  • Ali is a pz member

  • Why you guys even do that

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  • I thik that Alie shud be a spy Ninja

  • I wont to be a Spy Ninjas

  • It’s just a karate instructor

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  • Alies name is A LIE and shes the stalker

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